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At May Chiropractic, our mission is simple.
"Help people in our community live healthy, happy and pain free lives."  
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"We Treat You Like A Person, Not A Condition"
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Dr. Shane L. May, with his team of chiropractors and staff, compassionately listen to you and always explain everything to you clearly in advance.  We believe that chiropractic is founded on the
philosophy that the body naturally seeks proper balance among all of its systems.  We also believe that these systems are meant to work together in harmony to achieve full mobility and overall health.
You can regain balance, strength and health if your body is able to correctly sense and respond to its environment.  We therefore seek to identify and remove the obstacles to proper sensation and
function.  We know our method may not be as fast-acting as a drug, but it offers the benefits of long term, sustainable health in partnership with your own body - with zero side effects.

After touring our website, which is designed specifically for individuals who are searching for natural, safe and effective chiropractic solutions, give us a call.  We would love to meet with you and
explain our approach to chiropractic health.
Thank you for choosing May Chiropractic in your search for
better health.   Spend some time exploring our web site and read
all about our Chiropractic Philosophies and our patient-centered
focus.  Not all chiropractors are alike, so please feel free to call
our office to ask questions or to obtain further information. You
will always receive clear and honest answers to your inquiries.  
We hope you and your family will choose chiropractic and
become the newest member of the May Chiropractic Family.

                                                      - - Dr. Shane L. May, DC
Dr Shane L May, DC