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Vertebral Axial Decompression (Vax-D):  A form of traction using a mechanical device that stretches, holds the
stretched position, and then releases the spine. The purpose is to remove disc pressure and reduce painful
episodes of spinal disc pain.
Vertebra:  Known also as a vertebral body, a vertebra is an individual bony segment of the spine that supports,
surrounds and provides protection for the spinal cord and delicate spinal nerves and nerve roots. There are
twenty four separate vertebral bodies that comprise the entire spinal column.
Vertebral Bodies:  The 24 movable vertebral bones that comprise the entire spinal column and house the spinal
Vertebral Column:  Also called the spine or spinal column. The vertebral column is the flexible structure that
forms the backbone of the human skeleton. It is arranged a straight line from the base of the skull to the tailbone.
Vertebral Discs:  Between each vertebral body is a cushion called an intervertebral disc. Each disc absorbs the
stress and shock the body incurs during movement and prevents the vertebrae from grinding against one
another. Each disc is made up of two parts: the annulus fibrosis and the nucleus pulposus. The intervertebral
discs are the largest structures in the body without a vascular supply. Through movement and osmosis, each
disc absorbs needed nutrients.
Vertebral Subluxation:  A vertebral subluxation occurs when the joints of the spine fail to move properly due to
spinal bones becoming misaligned, therefore causing interference with the nerve messages from the brain to
the body and/or from the body to the brain. This fixation, or loss of normal motion, can affect movement patterns,
muscle balance, and even the function of organs and the chemicals and hormones they produce. In a nutshell, a
vertebral subluxation is the impairment of optimal expression of your nervous system caused by physical,
biochemical, or psychological distress.
Vertebral Subluxation Complex:  It has been accepted that the vertebral subluxation is actually a complex that
involves five separate damaging processes that facilitate dramatic changes in bodily function. From a
contemporary scientific chiropractic point of view the subluxation is a dynamic process involving several tissue
levels and integrative components. The five pars of the VSC include spinal kinesiopathology,
neuropathophysiology, myopathology, histopathology and pathophysiology. The combinations of these VSC
components interfere with the ability of the nervous system to control and coordinate all the functions of your body.
Vigorous-Intensity Physical Activity:  Vigorous-intensity, physical activity requires sustained, rhythmic
movements of a level intense enough to elevate the heart rate to seventy to eighty percent of normal maximum.
The activity should be intense enough to produce a substantial challenge to an individual, resulting in significant
increases in heart rate and respiration.
Vitalism:  The concept that the functions of an organism are due to the vital principal of life force or innate
intelligence. The self healing concept of innate intelligence extends beyond the laws of physical and chemical
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