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Back pain, for most people, is misery, pure and simple!  Standing
too long hurts, sitting too long hurts, no position is comfortable
and all of your daily activities virtually come to a screeching halt the
moment your low back pain flares up.  Most low back pain is
triggered by some combination of overuse, muscle strain, and
injury to the muscles, ligaments and discs that support the spine.  
Many experts believe, that over time, muscle strain can lead to an
overall imbalance in the spinal structure.  This leads to a constant
tension on the muscles, ligaments, bones and discs, making the
back more prone to injury or re-injury.
There are a great many reasons why so many people suffer from
lower back pain, ranging from injuries to degenerative diseases.  
Regrettably, no matter what the ultimate cause, back pain can be
so debilitating that it becomes all but impossible to lead a normal
lifestyle.  Your lower back bears the most weight, which makes it
susceptible for being injured easily when you reach, twist or lift.  It
is not a specific disease, but instead, a symptom.
If you are experiencing lower back pain and are not sure what you should do, then you have come to the right
place.  This site was designed to give you an informative look at lower back pain.  Low back pain is typically
classified as either acute or chronic.  Acute lower back pain is short term, generally lasting from a few days to a
few weeks.  Some acute pain syndromes can become more serious if left untreated.  Chronic lower back pain is
generally defined as pain that persists for more than three months.  With chronic pain, the exact cause of the pain
can sometimes be difficult to determine.
The simple truth is that when your low back hurts, nothing else is ever really good.  Even the most basic activities
like tying your shoe, going to the restroom, opening a window, hugging your children, etc; all result in agonizing
low back pain that only seems to get worse!  We are absolutely committed to freeing you from the scourge of
lower back pain and quickly returning you to your normal, happy life.  Pain free in no time.
Each case of low back pain requires a skilled and expert diagnosis.  Properly
assessing the exact biomechanical causes of your particular form of low
back pain allows for a faster, more effective and usually permanent relief from
low back pain.  Traditional cookie cutter approaches to treating your lower
back pain do not work!   Care at our office includes chiropractic adjustments,
various therapies, stretching and specific exercises for lower back pain.
Our unique, specialized approach to treating these distinctive biomechanical
causes for low back pain has proven successful, as many of our patients
report complete relief and return back to their day to day activities in a
relatively short period of time.  Our approach to treating low back pain means
that future recurrences are highly unlikely and you will remain pain free as
long as you continue to follow the healthy guidelines, set forth by your doctor!  
Being well, healthy and pain free helps you achieve your life goals.  A
healthier spine brings about a better and happier life.
There's wellness for you out there.  Go for it!
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