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Millions of people live with chronic pain, which can affect a particular body
part like the hip, back, or neck, or be experienced as general all-over body
pain. But whatever part of you hurts, you just want the pain to stop. When
chronic pain sets in, most people immediately look in their medicine
cabinet or rush to the drugstore. But medication usually offers only
temporary pain management relief; it's not going to stop the pain or cure
what's causing it.  Discovering the cause of chronic pain can often be a
long and frustrating process for patient and physician. This is especially
true since pain can come from a wide variety of ailments including, but not
limited, to headaches, low back pain, arthritis pain, cancer pain, and
neurogenic pain, which is from an injury to the central nervous system or
peripheral nerves.
Chronic pain is pain that persists or grows worse over a long period of
time. Chronic pain may last for months or years. It is pain that remains
after the usual recovery time following injury or illness. Chronic pain often
persists even after caregivers have given you medicines or treatments. It
may not be always present or constant, but still may cause problems with
your daily activities. With chronic pain, you may feel depressed or hopeless. You may lose your appetite, or have
trouble sleeping. Diagnosing and treating chronic pain as soon as possible may help you enjoy your life more.
Too many people think that pain is just a sign of aging and that there's not much to be done about it.  It's
unquestionably true that our odds of developing a painful condition, such as arthritis, are higher as we age. But
those conditions can be treated and the pain can be well-controlled. So no matter what your age, never settle for
chronic pain.  There are many natural treatments such as chiropractic that can help control your chronic pain and
reduce your suffering allowing you to enjoy your life more.
How Chronic Pain Can Change The Nervous System
At a fundamental level, chronic pain is a matter of biology: Errant nerve impulses keep alerting the brain about
tissue damage that no longer exists. The chemicals released by the body when an injury occurs or when the body
has other abnormal processes taking place actually make changes to the nervous system. The types of changes
they make are related to the type of pain you feel. In chronic pain patients, there is an abnormal functioning of pain
processing. Normally, the central nervous system automatically inhibits unpleasant sensations like pain. But with
chronic pain, the nervous system's function is altered and becomes hypersensitive to pain. The nerve cells
essentially become so sensitive that the brain perceives even a gentle touch as pain.
How Can Chiropractic Help With Chronic Pain?
It's important to approach pain management the right way. Just like diabetes, hypertension, asthma, and other
chronic diseases, chronic pain needs to be addressed and treated as a serious condition. Because the right
approach to pain is different for each individual, a cookie-cutter treatment plan isn’t the answer.  To presume that
one strategy would work for every individual with the same pain syndrome is over-optimistic. Each person is
unique in the response to the chronic pain state. The most effective way to treat chronic pain is to adjust the
chiropractic treatment strategy to suit each pain syndrome individually.
Treating chronic pain can be challenging. When chiropractic treatment is started, some people may initially have
increased pain because their chronic pain has caused them to be inactive and they have lost strength and
flexibility. But over time chiropractic treatment should reduce the pain and increase your ability to function. The
whole purpose of chiropractic is to restore mobility; when your body moves better it will generally feel better. In the
process you may have to learn new ways of doing ordinary tasks to help in pain reduction.
Someone who has had ongoing back pain for many years shouldn't expect that after few visits to a chiropractic
doctor they'll be cured.  Managing chronic pain is usually a long process so don’t get discouraged. Often chronic
pain cannot be cured, but it can be managed well enough with chiropractic to significantly improve the quality of
your life. Even if chiropractic treatment can't make your chronic pain disappear completely, treatment can still
make a big difference. If treatment restores your ability to do things that your chronic pain prevented; whether it's
going for long walks, or crocheting a blanket, or returning to work, it’s worthwhile. You don't have to live with
chronic pain or rely on a bottle of pills for the rest of your life.
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