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Joints are formed when two bones connect via multiple tissues,
including muscle, cartilage and tendon. Often times they are filled with a
substance called “synovial fluid”. If this fluid becomes inflamed, or if
there is damage to cartilage, then joint pain will inevitably result. It is hard
enough to deal with any type of pain, but when it affects the joints this can
be the worst pain of all. The depleting, stressful affect joint dysfunction
can have on your life is rather significant. Joint pain hurts and has the
ability to limit the activities you love to do. If you have constant, debilitating
joint pain, then please consult your chiropractic doctor.  We may have
suggestions for treatments and lifestyle modifications that can give you
relief of your joint pain and help you get back to a normal quality of life.
The pain, of course, is just an indication that you have a problem. In fact, without actually knowing the cause of
sore and aching joints, it is almost impossible to treat and rid yourself of these symptoms. Joint pain is best
described as a tenderness or discomfort when touched, swelling of the affected area, a bruised feeling, or
restriction from any sort of movement.  Many people even give their joint pain a nickname; “a hitch in my get a
long”, “a trick knee”, “a catch in my hip” and “a crick in my neck” are just a few examples people use.
The Symptoms Of Joint Dysfunction Include:
  • Redness of the skin around the affected joint.
  • Swollen joint that's tender and warm to the touch.
  • Joint pain either constant or irregular.
  • Joint stiffness or fixation.
  • Loss of joint function, mobility and strength.
As we become older, the cartilage in our joints begins to wear thin. For many, this is the source of their joint pain.
Any joint in your body can be affected; neck, knees, shoulder, back, feet, ankles, arms and other joints all are
susceptible to acquiring these troubles. Joint pain can severely detract from your quality of life, make it more
difficult to get around and generally make it harder to function on a daily basis. Finding relief should be your
number one priority when experiencing these difficulties.
If you suffer from discomfort and stiffness that is associated with arthritis and other illnesses, chances are you
are looking for natural pain remedies. Chiropractic has proven to be a fantastic, all natural and effective treatment
for joint pain, which can aid you in gaining a better quality of life.  Most likely it will also help reduce or even
eliminate the need for prescription pain killers.  Using chiropractic joint mobility techniques may be the best way
to restore and keep your range of motion while allowing your body to heal to its highest potential.
Managing and relieving the joint pain you are experiencing is the main objective of chiropractic protocol. We then
focus on locating and suppressing the cause of the problem making sure it no longer affects you.  In order to
determine why you have painful joints, our chiropractors will diagnose your problem by performing a physical
exam, clinical history, and possibly taking x-rays of your affected joints.  Ruling out the possibilities, one at a time,
will be your chiropractic physician’s main objective. Our doctors will always thoroughly discuss the results of your
tests so you can gain a better understanding of your condition, what treatments you will receive and how you can
help in your recovery.
The Goals Of Chiropractic Treatment Are To:
Relieve your pain all naturally.
Eliminate subluxation and remove nerve interference.
Improve and maintain joint movement and muscle strength.
Remove stress on the joints by restoring proper alignment.        
Restore your joint function and quality of life.
Don’t let joint stiffness lead to never ending pain.  Call Doctor May Today!
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Joint Dysfunction
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