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The neck serves as a flexible connection between your head and the rest of
your body and contains many important nerves and blood vessels. The neck is
composed of seven vertebrae that begin in the most upper part of the torso and
end at the base of the skull. The bony vertebrae along with the ligaments, which
are comparable to thick rubber bands, provide stability to the spine. Because it
is less protected than the rest of the spine, the neck can be vulnerable to injury
and disorders that produce pain and restrict motion.
Whether it's leaning into your computer at work, painting above the head or
hunching over your workbench doing hobbies at home, these poor postures
can irritate the neck. Such activities can result in neck strain, a spasm of the
If you suffer neck pain, the most common symptoms are stiffness, headaches, or acute pain that may extend to
your shoulders, upper back, or arms. You might also have trouble in moving or turning your head and neck. In
addition, there could possibly be numbness, tingling or weakness in your arm.  If your neck pain is long-lasting, it
is considered chronic and may cause inconvenience in your every day life. The negative effects of chronic neck
pain may lead to fatigue, depression, and anxiety.
Neck pain can be felt for a variety of reasons, including:
Aging and general wear and tear.
Disc degeneration.
Disc herniation.
Injury or trauma.
Slippage in the alignment of the bones of the neck on top of each other.
Stress causing muscular tension.
Chiropractic solutions for neck pain.
The chiropractic approach to neck pain is to locate the underlying cause. This begins with a complete case
history and thorough examination. Special attention is given to the structure and function of the spine, and its
affect on the nervous system.  Is the proper spinal curve present? Are the nerve openings between each pair of
spinal bones free and clear? Is the head balanced? Are the shoulders level? These and other considerations are
used to create a plan of specific chiropractic adjustments to help improve the motion and position of spinal
With improved structure and function, neck pain often diminishes or totally disappears. Sometimes we become
so accustomed to chronic pain that we don’t realize how good we can feel when it is gone. Unlike prescription
drugs, most chiropractic procedures address the cause of neck problems, not simply the symptoms. Best of all,
chiropractic care is safe, natural, and noninvasive... no side effects allowed!  
Give chiropractic a try, all you have to lose is that annoying pain in your neck.
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Neck Pain
neck muscles, or swelling of the neck joints.  Injuries from falls or a car accident can lead to neck pain.  Wear and
tear arthritis also is a common cause of neck pain.
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