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Are you suffering from symptoms of a pinched nerve?  A pinched
nerve can have a negative impact on your daily activities and can
even be debilitating. The term pinched nerve is a non-scientific
term often used by the healthcare professional community as a
catch-all phrase for injuries caused by compression, constriction,
or stretching of a particular nerve or nerve bundle. A pinched nerve
occurs when too much pressure is applied to a nerve by
surrounding tissues such as bones, cartilage, muscles or
tendons. There are many causes for why a nerve can become
pinched. Do you have a herniated disc? Is arthritis the culprit?
Do you have a bone spur pinching your nerve?
In order to understand how a pinched nerve can affect you, it is
important to understand what our nerves do for us.  Nerves carry
information from your brain to the rest of your body.  They also
carry information from the rest of your body to your brain.  They can
be found all throughout your body.  Nerves are extensions from the
brain that reach out into the arms or legs to go to the muscles or
skin. Nerve fibers are microscopic in size, and they may run
several feet in length toward their destination. Peripheral nerves
are actually bundles of millions of nerve fibers that leave the spinal
cord and branch to their target muscles to make them move or go
to the skin to provide feeling.  Without them we could not function.
There are two types of these peripheral nerves.  They are called efferent and afferent nerves.  Efferent nerves are
motor nerves.  These motor nerves carry information from your brain out to the rest of your body.  They allow your
brain to send commands to the various organs of your body.  These nerves cause your muscles to contract and
move or your heart to beat faster or slower.  They play a very significant role in how your body functions.
Afferent nerves are called sensory nerves.  They send information from your body to your brain to be processed.  
These nerves are responsible for allowing your brain to process pain, taste, temperature, touch, and any other
sensations.  This information travels along your nerves by an electrochemical signal similar to how information
travels along an electrical cord.  When there is a pinched nerve, this back and forth signal is interrupted along its
This pressure is usually caused by dysfunctional surrounding soft tissue that irritates the nerves outer layer and
disrupts the nerve's function, causing symptoms including pain, tingling, numbness or weakness, “pins and
needles", burning sensations, and pain radiating outward from the injured area. One of the most common
examples of a single compressed nerve is the feeling of having a foot or hand fall asleep.  Pinched nerves can
seemingly come out of nowhere; something as simple as lifting the groceries or overdoing your workout might
lead to a little tweak as a result of soft tissue inflammation.  When you have this condition you will definitely know
it as your ability to normally function will be reduced.
A pinched nerve is something that nearly everyone experiences at some point in their life. This painful condition
can lead to significant back or neck pain, and is usually caused by a minor injury incurred during your normal
daily activity.  Chiropractic treatments are designed to reduce this pressure being applied to the affected nerves
by restoring joints to a normal position and motion.  In most cases removing abnormal spinal movement and
stress effectively relieves this nerve pressure so the nerve can resume functioning at its normal capacity.  If you're
tired of being confined to a life of pain, and you have already been diagnosed with a pinched nerve in the back or
neck, you should consider chiropractic as a treatment option and see how our safe and effective procedures can
offer you relief and help you reclaim your life again.
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Pinched Nerve
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