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We all pay special attention to our appearance and how we present ourselves.  So why
do most of us not recognize we have poor posture?  Posture affects the way you look
and feel.  The best way to analyze your posture is to look in the mirror.  Is your belt
crooked and higher on one side?  Does one pant leg hang lower?  Is one of your ears
lower due to a head tilt?  Is one shoulder higher than the other?  If you answered yes to
any of these questions chances are you have poor posture.
Not very many of us give much thought to the subject.  This is a shame because
keeping your spine in the proper position can deliver a healthier life.  Most people are
not aware of the damaging effects of poor posture on their long term health, or how to
maintain healthy postural habits.  If your body has proper posture, there is a perfect
balance to your physical structures, and you are able to hold your body in a healthy
position with little effort.
Poor posture causes a cumulative negative stress as result of how we do everything
we do everyday.  The mattress and pillow we use to sleep, our car seats, and the
chairs we sit in every day at work, all play a role in our posture.   Over time poor posture
over can lead to spinal degeneration, bulging and herniated discs, sleeping disorders,
headaches, breathing problems, digestive problems, and the abnormal hunch back
that is commonly seen in elderly people.  Without good posture, your overall health
may be compromised.
Chiropractors consider posture the window to the spine.  By analyzing body posture
points from the outside, an experienced chiropractor can determine with fairly good
accuracy the position and potential mobility issues you may be experiencing with your
spine.  Our chiropractors check to make sure your ears, shoulders, and hips are level
and moving properly.  If they are not, typically, a spinal misalignment exists.
Chiropractors know the key to successful treatment of poor posture due to spinal dysfunction is early detection.
For that reason, our chiropractors will encourage your entire family to have their posture checked, especially your
children. The earlier the spinal distortions are detected; there is a better chance of correcting your problem.  Good
posture indicates your bones are aligned in such a way that there is minimal stress or tension.  As in nature; as
the twig is bent so grows the tree.
Naturally, the next step is to get your spine adjusted and begin a treatment plan geared to restore maximum
spinal mobility and normal body balance. Proper alignment allows your muscles, joints, and ligaments to work
smoothly.  Good posture is a life-long habit worth developing.  It is simple, good for you and easy to do whether
you’re working at your desk, driving your car, shopping for groceries, or lying in your bed.  If you want to feel and
look better years ahead, it would be a good idea to look at your posture today.  If you don’t like what you see or
recognize imbalances, give us a call.   
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