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Sciatica (pronounced sigh-at-ih-kah) is a particular
type of lower back pain, or leg and back pain, which
comes from injury or pressure on your sciatic nerve.
 The sciatic nerve, like most other nerves, performs
two basic functions.  First, it sends signals to your
muscles from the brain; and second, it collects
sensory information from the legs and passes this
back to your brain.  The sciatic nerve consists of five
different sets of nerve roots that exit from the spinal
cord and join together to form one giant sciatic
nerve band that proceeds along the hips and down
the back of each leg where it separates into many
different sets of nerves that individually travel to the
thigh, knee, calf, ankle and foot.
The sciatic nerve is the longest and largest of all your bodies’ nerve highways.  As a result of so many nerve roots
associated, the problem causing the abnormal pressure could be on any one, any multiple or the entire
combination of all these conjoined sciatic nerve roots causing different people to feel sciatic pain in many
different places and degrees of severity.  Sciatica’s presence is usually caused by general wear and tear that
takes place in your lower back over time, but sometimes can occur with a sudden trauma to the associated
vertebral discs.
The common symptoms of Sciatica include:
Sciatic pain can vary from infrequent and irritating to constant and incapacitating.  Specific sciatica symptoms
also vary widely in type, location and severity, depending upon the condition causing your sciatica.  While
symptoms can be very painful, it is rare that permanent sciatic nerve or tissue damage will result.  In addition,
patients with sciatica may notice a worsening of their symptoms with maneuvers such as sitting, walking,
bending, squatting, sneezing, or coughing.  The good news is, up to 90 percent of people with sciatica get better
over time without surgery.
  • Constant pain usually only one side of the buttock and or leg
  • Pain that is worse when sitting
  • Burning, tingling, or pain shooting down the leg
  • Weakness, numbness or difficulty moving the leg or foot
  • A sharp pain that may make it difficult to stand up or to walk
  • A cramping sensation of the thigh
Sciatica is caused by a breakdown in the overall support structure of your lower back.  The only way to reverse this
condition is to physically rebuild and improve the mobility of that support structure.  At the core of chiropractic care
are spinal adjustments.  The adjustment can unlock restricted movement of the spine and help restore
misaligned vertebral bodies to their proper place in the spinal column.  The spinal adjustment may help reduce
nerve irritability responsible for causing inflammation, muscle spasm, pain and other symptoms related to
In addition to adjustments, our chiropractors provide a back rebuilding program for you.  This program consists of
a combination of ergonomic solutions, stretches, exercises and other spinal strengthening methods.  Finding
long-term relief from the low back and leg pain of sciatica can only be accomplished with a true overall back
rebuilding program.  Good health comes from within.  You can't buy it in a pill.  You can't get it from a gadget and
the surgeon can't install it on the operating table.  Chiropractic care may provide great natural relief solutions to
your problem, so contact us today if you feel you are experiencing the nagging symptoms of sciatica.
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