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We live in a society where there is tremendous
confusion about the concept of wellness and health.  
Health and wellness are much more than merely the
absence of disease or illness.  The World Health
Organization (WHO) defines health as
"a state of
complete physical, mental, and social well being,
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity"
This definition provides a positive range of health
well beyond the absence of sickness. The difference
between wellness and health is that the term
"wellness" also includes emotional and spiritual
aspects of life.  The other aspect of wellness is that
it focuses on preventative health care; keeping you
healthy, as opposed to a traditional health care view
that looks only at getting you back to a state where
there is no illness or injury.
To achieve wellness involves a systems approach. This means that attention has to be given to all areas, as
every component of our life affects another. Wellness requires a "whole person" perspective that includes the
myriad of choices we make - our attitudes, habits, diet, lifestyle, etc. If you want to be healthy, simply make healthy
choices on a consistent basis. Take this idea a little further and define health and wellness as a constantly
evolving state towards greater and greater degrees of optimal well-being, physically, mentally, emotionally,
socially, environmentally, and spiritually, marked by personal responsibility and the irresistible, persistent
impulse towards making positive life-enhancing, life-affirming choices for a richer, rewarding life. In this
definition, personal responsibility is the driving force, and purpose defines our health destiny.
If a state of ongoing health is our choice and purpose, then it is up to us to create this destiny for ourselves. The
dictionary defines Destiny as a predetermined course of events. In terms of health then, we can define our own
destiny by determining how we create health on a daily basis. You absolutely must realize that getting well is
achieved by taking personal responsibility for your life, your current situation, and your health; and that every
aspect of your life must be utilized to propel you toward the goal of wellness. The question of health or disease
often comes down to individual habits.
Your body is constantly in a state of change and adaptation. You are constantly changing and adapting to your
internal and external environments. This ongoing process of change takes place from the moment of inception
up until our last moment on this planet. Every moment is embedded with the opportunity for creating the life you
wish to lead. Every moment brings with it the power to manifest a new life, a new you. Everyday, we have the
ability to direct ourselves towards our goals and our dreams. You have that power of choice in what you become.
Life is a gift, health is not. We are given life. What we do with that life is up to us. The degree of health that we hold
can be seen as a marker for how well we’ve taken care of this wonderful gift of life.
No matter what your current state of wellness might be, you can always take steps to improve it. Keep in mind that
the human body is constantly regenerating itself. For example, every three to four days we have a whole new
lining in the gastrointestinal tract as new cells are formed to replace damaged old cells. In just 30 days, we
renew our entire skin. Every six weeks, we make an entirely new liver. We live within a vessel of incredible
complexity adapted to propel us through life. Though we might abuse it for a while, our body is very forgiving if we
give it the right support and enough time.
We need to take time to detoxify the stressful effects of the world around us, and the world within us, through diet,
detoxification, meditation and prayer, exercise and play. We need to choose nutrient-dense foods that quicken
and fuel the life force within each of us. Given the right conditions, the body is remarkable in its ability to restore,
revitalize, and renew itself. This life is a journey of transformation.
Discover the potential that resides with you and enjoy the ride!
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Health and Wellness
"A state of complete physical, mental and social well being,
not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."
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