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Some people use the phrase “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it”.
However, when referring to ones health, I believe Ben Franklin
said it best;
“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”.
By turning our focus to preventing a problem from occurring
rather than repairing damage done later, we will save ourselves
a great deal of time, misery, energy, and money.  We must begin
to pay more attention to our current health situations and not
dismiss them as something we can “fix” later.  Remember, a
little preparation goes a long way.
An example of this would be the oil warning light in your car.  If it comes on while you are driving, what do you do?
Most people would not dream of ignoring the warning by putting a piece of tape over their car’s oil warning light,
just because it still runs; they would have the car’s oil changed to prevent a breakdown in the near future.  Taken
in the context of health and fitness, one might say if I feel well and look well, then I don’t need to do anything more.
Nothing could be further from the truth. Remember that oil light? It's the same with our bodies.  We need to
maintain our health to make our bodies last longer and prevent it from breaking down.
Chiropractors are focused on preventative health.  They promote health by identifying and removing vertebral
subluxations from the spine.  Undetected subluxations are dangerous and can be compared to a house that has
termites.  Why?  They are destructive and relentless.  They can take considerable effort to eradicate and vigilance
to make sure that it doesn’t come back.  Most of all, it is the hidden silence that is what makes it such a lurking
danger.  It degrades the strength of the body over time, often with little evidence.  Just as termites slowly eat away
at the foundation of a house, subluxations slowly wear down the structure of the spine and allow the tissues to
follow suit.  So, what do you do about termites?  You have someone take a look and get rid of them.  The same
attention, if not more, should be placed on your spine.  You only get one.
One of the most tragic things about many spinal health
problems is that they are preventable. Many problems that start
as small health issues, the kind we all tend to ignore, can turn
serious if they go undetected and untreated.  Learning about
and practicing preventive healthcare, i.e. maintaining your body
and good health throughout your entire lifetime, is probably the
best method to prevent disease from happening in the first
place. When you are sick, you have no choice but to think about
your health; it’s right there in your face – you feel awful.
Preventive health care must be planned and executed ahead
of time, even when illness is absent. You must build healthy
habits even when it’s not convenient. You must believe that
maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important enough to make a
few sacrifices.
Preventive healthcare provides many direct benefits to the individual: Not having to deal with uncomfortable or
painful symptoms, feeling more energetic and just being able to fully enjoy your daily activities.  Is unfortunate our
health care system is geared to treating illness after the fact, once the acute symptoms force you into an
emergency situation.  You can have a serious health problem with little or no pain. Dorland’s Medical dictionary
says that health is not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, but rather optimum physical, mental and social
well-being (proper function of your body). Chiropractic is dedicated to your body’s proper health and not just
eliminating your pain.
Preventive healthcare should be considered an investment or personal insurance, with keeping your retirement
nest egg as your return on investment. For you and me, the choice regarding our health is simple: Either invest a
relatively small amount in order to stay in good health, or pay a huge amount later to treat the health problems
that are bound to eventually hit us. Take the time to learn more and educate yourself. Most importantly, start
working on your healthy habits today. A habit is something you do without thinking about it, and building good
habits doesn’t take that long. Call your chiropractor today, I guarantee that you will thank yourself later by being
healthier, having more energy and enjoying life to its fullest.
Chiropractic Is Health Insurance; Premiums Small, BENEFITS Large!
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