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With x-rays, we can learn more about any possible underlying, unknown disease processes and disorders of the
spine, such as spinal deterioration, arthritis of the spine, abnormal development, bone spurs, disc disorders,
tumors and spinal curvature that may be present.  For these reasons, the films can be quite helpful in a
Chiropractic context.  Besides ruling out those pathologies that do show up on plain films, they are also helpful in
determining any contraindications to spinal manipulation you may have.
X-rays play a vital role in Chiropractic.  They allow us to view your bones and joints with clarity.  Our chiropractors
take x-rays, only to reveal abnormal internal structure and alignment of the spine that may be causing your
functional limitations.  We don't order them capriciously or without reasonable merit.  Like dentists, we have
always liked the idea of early intervention and "spinal hygiene".  Instead of waiting until pathology or symptoms
set in, as is the way in a medical or allopathic approach.  In many cases, caring for a patient, without first taking    
x-rays, is like flying at night without radar.
The films essentially show your spinal history.  Therefore, are very helpful in guiding a plan of care, catered for
you, that is not only functionally corrective in nature, but highly effective in symptomatic pain relief.  When global,
postural abnormalities are identified on an x-ray, the early intervention with Chiropractic care can be most helpful
in reducing the likely degenerative changes associated with leaving these distortions unattended.  We achieve
amazingly good results with our patients using our Chiropractic procedures and protocols, and x-rays have
always been an integral part of the analysis process.
Even though we feel x-rays are necessary in most cases, we never disregard the need of using the least amount
of radiation exposure as possible.  We take every precaution necessary to reduce this exposure risk, including:
What Do Chiropractor’s See On An X-Ray?
The x-rays taken provide us a current view of your spinal condition, and
exhibit a static scenario of your bones and joints, along with the related
soft tissues, such as muscle or fat.  This diagnostic procedure, not
only can show you why you feel the way you feel, but can also provide
reasons for the lost spinal function and decrease in mobility you are
experiencing.  The various normal and abnormal curves of the spine,
as well as the severity of changes, that may be occurring in your spinal
joints, will also be seen.  Based upon these findings, and any levels of
spinal degeneration that may be revealed, you and your chiropractor
can make informed decisions concerning your treatment options.
Do You X-Ray Everyone?
We do not x-ray every new patient.  The decision as to whether or not we take x-rays will depend on your case
information as well as what we discover during your physical examination.  X-rays are commonly taken to exclude
dislocation and fracture in our patients that have suffered a severe trauma.  Patients with a history of cancer will
also often have x-rays taken to fully identify pathological changes taking place.  There is an increase in the
frequency of x-rays in older patients, as the likelihood of finding a Chiropractically relevant problem is greater. You
can be assured we will only take x-rays if we feel they are necessary and be useful in providing you an
assessment and solution to your spinal condition
Are X-Rays Dangerous?
The safety of using x-ray as a diagnostic tool is closely monitored.  Our x-ray equipment must be inspected
regularly and meet the yearly standards of national and state regulations.  We also use a special type of x-ray film
and screens that dramatically reduce the radiation dose to you.  The radiation dose to patients today, is a fraction
of what it was only a few decades ago.  We always compare the slight risks of radiation exposure to the potential
benefit that will arise from the information on your films.  As with everything today, x-rays may have a negative
component, but the potential diagnostic information revealed can go a long way in understanding why you may be
experiencing spinal pain and dysfunction.
Today, the chiropractic profession is a leader in the reduction of X-ray exposure and patient safety.
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Why We Use X-Rays!
What Do Chiropractors See On An X-Ray?
Rather than lying down, we want
X-ray views showing your body
in a weight-bearing position.
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