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Headache disorders are among the top 10 most
disabling conditions.  They're extremely common
to say the least and interestingly enough, women
are affected by headaches more frequently than
men are.

Do you or someone you know suffer with
frequent headaches?  The fact is we all seem to
have that friend or co-worker who struggles with
migraines.  Of course it could even be you.
Headache is defined as just that:  pain in the head or upper neck.  It is one of the most common locations of pain
in the body and can have a number of causes.  Typical types of headaches include migraine, tension, and cluster
headaches.  There are also a variety of less common types of headaches.
Headaches Can Hurt - Alot!
Fortunately, there are a number of proven natural strategies that
can help.  Here are some of the most important and effective non
pharmaceutical options for dealing with headaches:  chiropractic,
massage therapy, acupuncture, exercise, and ergonomics.
Headaches Can Stop You From Doing Almost Anything!
Tight muscles restrict nerve transmission and circulation through
the blood vessels.  This can contribute to all sorts of problems,
including headaches and neck pain.  Having a chiropractor adjust
those spinal bones back into normal alignment will reset your system.  The joints will have better movement, the
muscles can begin to relax on their own and the circulation and nervous systems can start to flow properly again.
If you suffer from headaches, you’ve probably tried just about anything you could think of to get rid of the pain.  In
the end, taking a natural chiropractic approach can be extremely effective and may help you to relieve your pain
without resorting to the all-too-common treatment option:  over the counter pain medication.  Resorting to over-the-
counter solution can lead to dependence and abuse.
I have never seen a headache patient who did not have some type
of misalignment of the bones of the neck (cervical spine).  It is
amazing how much muscle spasm and tension can be caused by
misaligned bones.  When bones are even slightly out of
alignment, the muscles attached to them become stressed, so
they become tight.
Chiropractic and massage therapy work very well together.  I encourage my patients to schedule their massage
shortly before or after chiropractic treatment.  This way, the adjustments and the muscle relaxation can work
I also work with each patient in developing better ergonomics that can lead to less tension being placed on the
neck and body.  Exercise is the strengthening component of the natural headache management approach.  
Performed correctly, specific exercises can help strengthen upper back and neck muscles and improve posture,
which will reduce the risk of muscle tension and poor posture related dysfunction that can contribute to headaches.
If you do suffer with headaches, please schedule an appointment with our office so we can find out together if a
more natural approach would help you with the nagging pain of headaches.
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