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The answer to whether chiropractic is a TriCare covered service is YES!  Unfortunately, it is not covered for all
beneficiaries.  This chiropractic service is only available on base and requires a referral from a primary care
physician.  This referral process can typically last weeks to even get an appointment scheduled, much less a
actual visit to the military chiropractor.  By this time the problem may have gotten worse or you have simply
learned to deal with the pain.  To offset this chiropractic coverage discrepancy, we have developed a program
called Chiropractic Express, which we cover later on this page.
Only the active duty soldier is currently covered under the TriCare policy network.  This leaves the family members
of the soldiers and military retirees out in the cold when it comes to chiropractic.  At this time they have two choices;
pay for chiropractic themselves, 100% out of pocket, or simply do without a service they very well may need.
The fact that other government run insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid cover chiropractic care without
the need of referrals for all their members, frustrates me more.  When I think about the sacrifice the military
families make for serving our country it upsets me that they are treated in this way.
I have seen too many spouses care for their families while their soldier spouse is deployed for six months or
even a year.  I cannot fathom the thought of being without my family for that extended period of time.  With such
sacrifice should come a balance of reward.
We, at May Chiropractic, support many organizations in the fight to have
chiropractic equality for all active duty, their families and military retirees.  
These groups work with many members of congress to promote legislature to
ensure chiropractic access to all Tricare beneficiaries. To date, we have made
great progress and many studies are being done to analyze the benefit of
adding chiropractic to all members of Tricare.  Health care for our military
personnel and their families is an issue that deserves the full attention of
Congress, the Department of Defense and Tricare. I urge service members to
contact their elected officials in Washington and share with them the need for
expanded chiropractic benefits.
We also provide free chiropractic care for all active duty and retired military
families at the O’Fallon Community Park during the annual Salute to Scott Day
in the month of June.  We have happily aligned ourselves with the O’Fallon
Chamber of Commerce in making this a day of appreciation to our military
community members a great success.
We have developed a program we call Chiropractic Express for our military
families.  This program essentially guarantees affordable chiropractic care
without a referral and a no wait policy for treatment.  To make this program a
success, we have discounted all our fees for all military members and their
families.   As a result, more than forty percent of our practice members are made up of active and retired military
members and their dependants.  I think it says a lot when someone could receive chiropractic care for free, but
opt to pay us for the much better service and caring approach we provide.
Honoring Our Military Families
Call today about our military oriented Chiropractic Express program to receive the special one-on-one treatment
you deserve!  I am sure you will have a positive experience.
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