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"I have enjoyed my 5 years with May Chiropractic.  Dr. May has helped me a lot, at times my back has
gone out and I was unable to walk.  Dr. May had me back on my feet in not time.  He actually really cares
about his patients.  Dr. May has made the effort to go out of his way to help his patients."

The number one advantage of receiving chiropractic care:  The health benefits.  I don't feel as sick and I feel
           - -  Collin L.  - -
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"I became a patient of Dr. May in 2007 when I lived in Fairview Heights.  Since then, I have moved to St Louis, MO,
but still make the drive for my adjustments.  Dr. May has been willing to work with my crazy schedule and able to
have me come in last minute.  I tried one other chiropractor in the area, but quickly cam back to Dr. May.  As long
as I am in this area, I will continue to come to this clinic."

The number one advantage of receiving chiropractic care:  "I was injured in 2001 and since being treated by Dr.
May, I have had alot less back issues and pain.  I used to get continuous headaches and that no longer is the
           - -  Lindsay S.  - -
"For over five years of care, I have been able to describe myself as healthy.  Before experiencing  
Chiropractic Care, I felt unhealthy.  Every week, I visit the office, almost an extended family.  The list of
benefits of my experience include:  decrease in allergies and asthma, healthier and easier pregnancy
and delivery and better mobility."

The number one advantage of receiving chiropractic care:  "It has made me aware of my personal health needs.  
Proactive maintenance rather than a reaction to when it begins to fail".
           - -  Jaimie T.  - -
"The office is very inviting and the staff is very friendly.  When I first started going to the chiropractor, I could tell the
difference, from visit to visit, that I was feeling better.  If I need to visit more than once, I can come get an extra visit.
 Overall, May Chiropractic is a place I trust with my health and my families health too."

The number one advantage of receiving chiropractic care:  "A chiropractor is definitely a doctor that I would
recommend to any person that is suffering from back pain, extreme headaches and anything that I know a
chiropractor can help solve".
           - -  Rebecca J  - -.
"May Chiropractic is more than just your typical doctor's office.  There is always a smile waiting for you from every
staff member; and the level of individual care and professionalism is beyond that of which I have experienced
anywhere else.  I have been a patient for almost seven years and I used to have chronic back pain and migraines
frequently.  Ever since I have started to treat my ailments at May Chiropractic, they have almost disappeared."

The number one advantage of receiving chiropractic care:  "Mental and physical health.  I can function easier daily
because of it".
           - -  Aaron W  - -
As a person with Taurette's Syndrome, back and neck spasms are a constant part of my life.  Before beginning
chiropractic treatments, I suffered from frequent migraines and neck pain.  Since beginning treatments, my head
and neck aches have virtually disappeared; and to suffer from them has become a rarity.  To be able to go in with
pain to the point of affecting my vision, receive an adjustment and have the pain vanish within moments, is
nothing less than amazing.  It makes me wonder how I ever survived without it.  Chiropractic treatments have
given me a relief and comfort which I would have had only rarely otherwise.  The practice environment is also very
pleasant, with friendly faces and lively discussions abounding . . . as well as the occasional plate of brownies!!!"

The number one advantage of receiving chiropractic care:  "Relief from pain and discomfort".
           - -  Steven G  - -
"I have enjoyed my experience at May Chiropractic.  It has improved my health.  The staff have been helpful and
have made me feel better."

The number one advantage of receiving chiropractic care:  "Coming here has improved my life.  I do not need pain
medication anymore and I know I can come anytime to be adjusted".
           - -  Shirley R  - -
"It is a pleasant environment at their office.  They always are friendly, almost like family.  I always feel
welcome and I always know I will be provided with good care."

The number one advantage of receiving chiropractic care:  "It provides me with better health.  I don't have as much
physical pain and I do not take medicine for pain like I did in the past".
           - -  Shirley R.  - -
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