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The simplest way to look at Chiropractic Care is to understand that the
injured area of your body has more mechanical stress and strain on it
than the other areas.  Over time, this increase in stress can lead to
altered mobility, pain and potentially joint damage.  The injured area
could have been caused by a sudden injury like a fall or car accident or
it could have developed over time or for complete other reasons.
The Quick Answer To A Complex Question!
Normally, when the spinal joints (or any joints) are moving properly, the
muscles and ligaments surrounding that joint can move within their
normal injury free range.  When they move beyond that range, they tear
and cause the majority of the pain we feel in classic back and neck
pain.  Sometimes, the nerves can also become involved which leads to
pain that runs down the legs or into the arms or even the head.
A chiropractor will do an exam and find the areas that are not moving correctly, usually, but not always, the painful
area, and gently get things moving better.  By removing stress from the injured area, your body can start healing
and you feel better.  It's like having a cut on your finger that you kept pulling at.  It would never heal correctly.  
Fortunately, if you remove the stress from the area by "unsticking the joints", the injured soft tissues (i.e., your
muscles, ligaments and  tendons) can start healing which means less pain and stiffness for you.
Adjustments are essentially the tools we use,
to remove this stiff feeling in your neck or back, in order to make you feel better again!
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I'm hurting.
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Adjustments are our tools . . .
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