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Dr. James Allen graduated from Logan College of
Chiropractic in 2002 and began his career in the metro-east
in 2003. With 8 years experience Dr. Allen is an invaluable
asset to the May team.  Dr. Allen lives in St. Louis and enjoys
boating, camping and cooking.
A Special Message From Dr. James Allen
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Dr. James B. Allen, DC
While Dr. Allen’s approach to health focuses on restoring
balance and function to the spine and pelvic region; many of
the same principles and procedures are used in his
treatment and care.  Dr. Allen recognizes there are always
fundamental differences in each and every patient he treats.  
His customized treatment approach catered to each
individual’s care needs has allowed him to help and serve
many patients.
Dr. Allen is very knowledgeable in dietary nutrition.  He
always offers free nutritional consultations to all his patients
as a value added service. This service has greatly benefited
his patients over the years.  Dr. Allen understands that great
health comes from within, and while providing a no
nonsense approach to treatment, he values his patients’
time and chiropractic experience. His friendly approach to
treatment is comforting and reassuring.
Years In Practice:
Year Graduated:
License & State:
Logan College of Chiropractic
038.009903  -  Illinois
Graduate School:
Dr. James B. Allen, Jr., DC
Socrates once said, “There is only one good; knowledge.  And one evil; ignorance”.  This statement should be
a guide for us in all of our actions, especially where our health is concerned.  I understand that no one set of
standards can dictate a complete treatment protocol for any given case, taking into consideration the many
variables of age, gender, complicating factors and response to chiropractic treatment in general.  However, sound
clinical judgment combined with established modes of treatment can pave the way to successful management of
chiropractic treatable disorders. Call us today.  I am certain that you will have a positive experience.
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