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At May Chiropractic, We Are Here To Serve You!
We have assembled a great team that is committed to providing you chiropractic care in a professional, caring
and comfortable environment. Our patient centered and unique approach allows you the opportunity to make your
own healthy choices concerning chiropractic pain relief and your overall health and wellness.  We are here to help
you achieve your health goals and maximize your quality of life. Our doctors are experts in the fields of emergency
chiropractic relief care as well as long term wellness care.  We dedicate ourselves to helping you get back to your
normal self as fast as possible.
Amazingly, instead of drugs or surgery we will assess and treat your problematic condition by utilizing the all
natural chiropractic method of joint mobility.  This proven process includes the identification and treatment of any
spinal abnormalities that may be causing your discomfort or lack of function.   We also employ other healing
methods such as such as massage, stretching and exercise, dietary and nutritional counseling, physical therapy
modalities and lifestyle modification programs that will facilitate a faster healing and restoration process.
Maintaining a healthy, mobile and well-aligned spine is extremely important and is the most overlooked key to
staying healthy today. We treat painful fixated joints that our common to us all with the side effect of smiling faces
every day in our chiropractic health center.  Our method of treatment is focused on the location of the subluxated
joints of your spine and the performance of a corrective spinal adjustment to any affected areas. The spinal
adjustment begins to free up the fixation restoring normal function and movement again. It’s that simple!
And there is a bonus. You have probably heard the saying, "Two heads are better than one" Well, at May
Chiropractic, we have taken that to heart. With two chiropractors on staff, you receive the benefits of extra
brainpower. Especially with more difficult cases. Thank you in advance for taking the time to discover chiropractic
and its powerful effects on human health.
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