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Welcome to May Chiropractic’s new patient hub.  We are glad you
are here.  Our website is a tremendous asset to the practice and
a natural extension of our mission to educate potential patients
about safe, non-invasive treatments for pain relief.  As part of our
continued dedication to serving our community, online viewers
will enjoy a wealth of health related information. Within our
website you will find a variety of information related to chiropractic
health and wellness.  Please use the links to the left of the page
which will answer many questions you may have.
Our focus is quite simple; the more information a patient
knows about their diagnosis, treatment and care, the
better they will be able to assist in their healing and
recovery, thus helping the body heal itself more rapidly.  
Questions you may have about your health are always
Your care is our top priority and it will be specifically targeted to meet your health needs and interests.  We
promote affordable, personal, and solution based treatment because your health and chiropractic experience is
very important to us.  Building a lasting relationship with you is very important to us.  This personal touch makes
our office unique and special.  We hope you agree.
In viewing our new patient hub, you will:
1. Become informed about chiropractic.
2. Find information that will help you make healthy decisions.
3. Become empowered with the knowledge and skills to maximize your chiropractic experience.
As a new patient please feel free to download the new patient forms located to the left and bring the completed
forms with you on your initial visit.  This will allow you to see the doctor more quickly and conserve your valuable
time.  We hope our website was informational and you will share it with others.
While our website and new patient hub does not give specific medical advice, we do offer information about
chiropractic and health conditions to empower you to make healthy decisions and live a healthier life.  We
sincerely hope that you find this part of our site helpful and informative.  We welcome your input and suggestions
for improvement.  Please contact us if you looking for more detailed information about specific topics or
information on other subjects and we will do our best to add them to the new patient hub or insert them into our
next patient newsletter.  Better yet, why not subscribe to our patient newsletter and continually get new healthy tips
and the most up to date information about current trends in chiropractic and healthy living.
“One of the greatest discoveries a person makes, one of their great surprises, is to find they can do what
they were afraid they couldn’t do!”    - -  Henry Ford  - -
Our office is a warm, friendly and caring place where you will be welcomedand appreciated from the moment you
enter the office and throughout your visit.
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