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If you're following the trends in exercise and fitness,
you've probably heard the phrase "core strength".  Your
body core is the midsection of your body, from your groin
to your shoulders, including the pelvis, abs, spine and
chest muscles. It is this core that offers stability, balance
and flexibility.  Whether you are reaching for your
toothbrush or running a marathon, every movement you
make originates in this area of your body.  If the core is
not properly conditioned and maintained, it will limit your
physical abilities. In fact, it is highly important to build a
foundation of proper balance, because without balance,
we couldn’t do much at all.   
Exercise is a fantastic way to develop strength and
balance in the body through proper lifting techniques and
breathing patterns.  Unfortunately, all the exercise in the
world cannot alleviate certain postural imbalances in the
The question you must ask yourself is how much is this affecting the integrity of your bones and joints as you
exercise with imbalance?  If you never balance and align the wheels on your car it will still drive, but the tires and
braking system will wear out prematurely.   These seemingly minor “misalignments” are often not painful, but
they are the beginning of the slow-developing wear and tear called osteoarthritis.  This is the kind of arthritis
many people associate with “old age” and is responsible for knee and hip degeneration, spinal disc
degeneration, as well as a deformity of the upper spine called Dowager’s hump.
Chiropractic can enhance your exercise routine by focusing on building a strong foundation for these muscles,
while optimizing the strength and flexibility of each limb.  Because good balance and overall muscular strength
are involved in most sports, core strength is helpful for athletes of every type. Improper mobility and balance in the
body’s core lowers your efficiency, which means you have to work out longer to achieve your goals.  Chiropractic
promotes proper alignment and mobility of the hips, lower back and neck allowing you to achieve the maximum
benefit from your exercise program.  Let’s face it, if chiropractic can enable you to move better then it will be easier
to do more for longer.
If your movements are limited, your ability to realize the beneficial effects of any exercise program is going to be
hampered. By getting chiropractic care on a regular basis, you are helping assure that you will be able to
compete at a higher level in any sport or activity you take part in, as well as making sure you are less vulnerable to
injuries and/or setbacks.  Good core strength and stability are important at every age, fitness and skill level.
Most professional and college sport teams have a chiropractor to serve the needs of their players.  Besides being
good at treating injured star players they have found chiropractic to be an excellent source of injury prevention.  In
fact many of the athletes report enhanced performance as result of receiving treatment. Many more have stated
that they were able to have longer careers as a result of the benefits of treatment. Even though you may not be
competing at this level it is still a good idea to see if chiropractic might enhance your performance at the gym or
help your game.
In summary chiropractic care is one of the few health professions that focus on increasing joint mobility and
function.  The chiropractic method of joint mobility allows for healthy and normal movement of spinal and other
joints, which then allows for proper fluid transfer maintaining strong and vibrant cartilage.  The chiropractic
method of joint mobility creates a good combination of mobility, strength and flexibility allowing for a
well-balanced, functional body with lower instances of injury.  Chiropractic treatment and core-muscle training is
a powerful combination that can help improve your overall performance. Chiropractic and exercise help restore
and maintain health, function, activity, and quality of life.  Find out if chiropractic could enhance your exercise
regiment and maximize your exercise routine. It might just be the answer that gets you back on track.
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Exercise and Fitness
body.  These unnoticed imbalances impair the bodies’ ability to become as strong, mobile and efficient as
possible.  You lose a significant amount of the exercise benefit if it is performed with improper postural balance.  
Not addressing this issue could lead to unnecessary injury.
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