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It is apparent by the enormous focus and attention placed upon the arena of
sports performance that professional athletes, athletic children and the
weekend warriors mean business. They are constantly seeking new methods
in the never ending attempt to increase their ability and the endurance needed
to gain the edge on their competition.  Many athletes including most
professionals have already found a competitive edge and are experiencing the
benefits chiropractic can offer in the domain of sporting ability and performance
enhancement. By restoring tissue tone, texture and length through chiropractic
adjustments these hard working athletes experience increased range of
motion, energy, stride length, strength, vertical jump, club and bat speed and
other sports related motions that allow them to perform more efficiently and
The ability to adapt and respond rapidly and effectively to the demands of the game can provide great
performance enhancement benefits for athletes of all types. This is especially important to athletes that rely on
coordination and optimum reaction reflexes to perform at their maximum competitive capacity. Athletes using
chiropractic care as a part of their training regiment indicate the treatment they receive enhances their ability to not
only perform, but to quickly recover from injuries when they occur. Here is the secret; chiropractic adjustments
reduce the effects of vertebral subluxation making sure the athlete is functionally strong and balanced. Any
person playing any position on any surface in the game of life can have their performance and reaction times
enhanced by receiving chiropractic adjustments. The adjustments reduce the effects of subluxation providing
them the opportunity to gain that needed winner’s edge.
If a subluxation is present in the spine, then nerve flow is unable to travel efficiently throughout the body.  This
means that muscles are not able to fire as quickly or engage with as much power as they are optimally designed
for.  Lets put this in perspective; the quarterback can not run as fast, maneuver as quickly, or throw as far; the star
hitter on a volleyball team may have a good spike but not enough “oomph” or power to keep it from being blocked;
for a baseball pitcher this could be the difference between a 70 mph pitch and an 85 mph pitch.  It may seem like
a minor issue, but throughout a game, match or meet, the cumulative effect of these deficiencies begins to add
up.  By getting adjusted, the body is able to relay information quickly and efficiently to all the muscles. This leads
to an increase in speed, power and endurance…the key components that most athletes desire.
Athletes can experience a wide variety of benefits from receiving chiropractic care.  Not only can adjustments help
when treating injuries from high-impact sports such as wrestling, basketball, soccer, football, and hockey, but
they allow the body to work better as well.  There is no doubt that many of the impacts or hits received and or falls
we might have on the court or on the field can feel like being hit by a car.  Athletes getting routine adjustments
typically notice improved athletic performance, improved range of motion, better flexibility and to top it off they even
suffer fewer injuries regardless of how hard they play. Spinal adjustments provide these results by reducing the
irritation of the nerve roots between the vertebrae which can shorten the healing time needed from minor injuries
again improving performance.
High-impact, low-impact, and endurance athletes can all benefit from scheduled routine of spinal adjustments.  
For high-impact athletes, it increases performance and flexibility thereby lowering the risk for injury. For
low-impact athletes like golfers, tennis players, and bowlers routine adjustments can help relieve the repetitive
strain placed on the body. And for endurance athletes regular adjustments increase range of motion, stride
length, increase blood flow, and body symmetry which all lead to an increase in stamina. Chiropractic care is not
just about back pain; it is about function. I find that patients under regular care, feel better, play better and have
more fun.  Lessons, practice and regular chiropractic care are just what the doctor ordered. Whether you are a
high school athlete, a college athlete, an avid gym-rat, or someone who wants to live each day at their maximum
potential, I challenge you to give chiropractic care a try.  Chiropractic should be the cornerstone of any fitness
regiment and I fully believe you will love the results and the benefits it has to offer!
Article  |  The Winner's Edge
effectively. Whether you are trying to break a record or just trying to best your last time, chiropractic treatment can
be an essential tool in helping you reach your performance goals.           
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